Welcome in the Aggie Photographer's World :)

My name is Aggie and I am a laughing and chatty person with a camera in my hand and a Persian cat clinging to my keyboard. Everything in my life goes around the photos, to the extent that I have decided to quit my full- time job at the law firm and decide myself to the photography.


Currently, live in London creating new images all the time.


In addition to business and commercial photography, I am also absorbed in catching moments during weddings, family ceremonies or portrait sessions. As I love when endorphins float in the front of lens, I would be delighted to tell your story by my photos.


My photography represents colors, history, emotions, passion and fun. It is a story about You! Photography not only shows an external beauty but also emotions flowing from the depth of soul.


If you have found my photos attractive, let’s talk and create something amazing!


United Kingdom, Poland, Israel, Spain, France, United States, Switzerland




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